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Teaching is the most honored and responsible profession in all societies and religions. A teacher is always considered a highly honored person in every religion. In Islam a teacher has the highest rank among all the professions. Have fun with a online pokies nz

To convey the words of Quran and its authority to the next generation, the Quran teacher needs to be very knowledgeable, punctual, practical to be a role model, and having profound knowledge of Tajweed to teach our Muslim Kids and Adults. Our teachers create a friendly environment to help our students learn effectively. Teachers at online Quran Learnings can teach students in different languages such as Urdu, English, and Arabic. Our staff not only focuses on Quran teaching but also on character building of the student.

Qualification of Online Quran Teachers

  • Must have adequate knowledge of Tajweed.
  • Able to implement diverse and advanced Quran learning techniques
  • Very good English communication and language skills.
  • At least have a bachelor’s degree from a well known/acknowledged institute or University.



Ahmed Zafar
Islamic Teacher
Farooq Sadeeq
Islamic Teacher

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