The beauty of Islam changed my life

The beauty of Islam changed my life

The beauty of Islam changed my life

Be optimistic about the Future – Be Faithful to Allah’s Plan.

What is the most positive thing you could have in the future? The beauty of Islam changed my life Sometimes, your goals and Allah’s may be the same. Sometimes, you decide to travel somewhere, but Allah lets you go too. In other instances, you decide to attend a college, and Allah grants you admission into the college. You choose to finish your degree early, and Allah lets you graduate earlier as well… Things are in line with your plan. That’s all it takes is that you have a plan. Allah’s plan was exactly the same for this one thing. However, sometimes your plan and Allah’s do not match. Sometimes, you’d like to remain in the job for 10 years, but you’re fired after only six months. Sometimes, you apply to this college and submit the most effective application but aren’t accepted, or even those with the least application are accepted. This occurs.

In addition to “If Allah wills.” Remember your Lord whenever you forget it and declare, “Perhaps my Lord will help me find what is closer to good behavior. (Quran 18:24)

The Quran recognizes that things may not follow my plan. I’ll have to create a plan. I’ll have to make an effort; however, in the end, Allah will decide whether the plan is successful or not. It’s:

Remember your God when you’re forgetting.

However, the most important section of this verse is an amazing lesson found in the whole Quran, in my view. If Muslims are aware of this, their lives become effortless:

Then add, “Perhaps my Lord will lead me to the path more appropriate to righteous conduct. “ Do not lose hope for the future.

Between Fear and Trust in Allah: The beauty of Islam changed my life

The question words are duas. But more than that, they’re a dua. It’s a declaration of hope. Let’s make it clear in this way: You’re contemplating the future because of that Arabic phrase “‘ asa “, which symbolizes hope. Allah instructs us in the following verses that Muslims should have faith in the future. My husband and the Quran make me hopeful concerning the next few years. I don’t care about what the news reports say, and I don’t even care about what happened yesterday or the day before that… My goal is to not join the group of Muslims sitting around tables and talking about how the Ummah situation is worsening. Things are becoming extremely difficult. A new tragedy is in the pipeline. I’m sure to be on the lookout for what will happen…

This is a stance against this verse and the word “‘ asa “. You must remain optimistic and trust that Allah will bring about a better world for you, those around you, and the entire world. What do you think about your future? Perhaps my Lord will guide me and the beauty of Islam changed my life

Allah’s Guidance

“Let go with Love” The Strength of Tawakkul.

Everyone wants to have a better job, a better financial position or a better home situation or a healthier lifestyle… Everyone wants everything, but what?Allah’s direction is the most essential factor you and I require, more important than the breath we take. All the other things will be in order when you’ve got this. You’ll be able to possess everything else but none if you don’t have that.

God makes me Feel Good – A story about faith in God

Alisha (name altered) is a young lady that has been married for more than an entire year.

In the last few months, she’s suffered several times in her lifetime.

Due to different visa issues, she’d split from her husband for months or longer than a whole year.

“Let Go of Heart” The Strength of Tawakkul

In addition, she’s been sick in the past and required an operation. Her husband was also injured, and she couldn’t be with him. She misses her husband and their warm relationship very much. Yes, they can talk via Skype often. However, they have busy lives and aren’t always able to find the time. She was in an emotional state and was in a state of emotional turmoil when Alisha was brought to me for help. She was a wonderful person devoted to Islam and her family and always smiled. But, at the moment, she was suffering from terrible feelings. She was depressed, making her feel miserable and unwilling to do anything. She was anxious about everything she did. This resulted in her doing nothing.

If she didn’t do anything did anything, she thought about what she had experienced in the past couple of months and was depressed once more. It was an endless cycle. In all the turmoil, her prayers were hampered, and she began self-blaming and self-critiquing. She kept saying it was because of her own sins that she endured so much suffering and felt very depressed about herself. Faith suffered, and it resulted in a. circle. Once a caring, bubbly young lady, her personality changed to an unfriendly lady who barely smiled. The transformation was dramatic.

What was the best way to get it done?

Allah is All-Knowing, All-Appreciative and All-Knowing Allah

In this article, I will talk about three aspects that enabled her to feel more confident and content with herself. All of these are parts of the Positive Psychology that Islam assists in creating.

Allah can be described as the best planner. The beauty of Islam changed my life

Allah has an agenda, and He has amazing plans for you: Your Lord is not gone from you, and neither does He hate. What’s to come will be far better than the past. Your Lord will bless you with enough that you will be satisfied. (Quran 93:3-5)

In times of depression or self-esteem issues, One of the most frequent symptoms is that people of faith (any faith) often feel very insecure. They feel they’re penalized and are no longer worthy of Allah’s mercy. In the three verses above, Allah emphatically drives away all worries.

1. He’s still there

2. He’s got better things in store for him

3. We will be delighted.

The knowledge that God, the Lord of the Heavens and earth, has plans for you and will be there to support you through this difficult time was a satisfying feeling to Alisha. Initially, I had to convince her that the best things were short. In a few weeks, she would tell me about the amazing gifts Allah gave her. She would share with me her plans should she go to Jannah.

This belief in the idea that Allah has something to offer her helped her get over her fear. She changed her attitude towards life to more optimistic.

We can see it in the era of the Prophet (peace and blessings be on him).In the most difficult of times, he was smiling. In the face of enemy troops, he would tell his followers at the time that Allah would grant them victory.

Let us Count Blessings Today.

The priceless blessings We Don’t Consider: The beauty of Islam changed my life

One of the most common things that occur in periods of depression is magnifying our troubles, minimizing good things, and then self-blaming ourselves for having done something similar. Also, we develop a system to think about everything that happens to us and make it appear worse.

Alisha was a victim of the same problem. Everything indicates that she’ll be gloomy and doomed.

She was so negative at times that the most loving message from her husband could be misinterpreted. She would repeatedly go through the issues she had to face, why her husband was not good, and the mistakes she had made. What we did then was to examine our thoughts and consider them from a different perspective.

One of the activities we engaged in was counting blessings and praying Alhamdulillah for these. So, I’d request about one week to talk about Allah’s blessings of 20-30 that she took for granted. She would then share them with me, and often it would cause an immediate mood change.

She would inform me of the numerous blessings Allah gave her. One day, she declared, “I kept looking at the five things He did not give me, and then I forgot the five million things He gave me. ” Psychology Today says that practicing gratitude is one way to feel more content.

He Rewards Your Effort: The beauty of Islam changed my life

The beauty of Islam changed my life, Spiritually There is more to be thankful for than happiness. Allah says: If you’re thankful, I will reward your gratitude. (Quran 14:7) Allah looks at your effort and knows how much you love Him. There was a person during the time of the Prophet Muhammad (peace be with the Prophet) who was an excellent companion. He was a joker and had lots of amusement in the company of the Prophet. The Prophet was also fond of him. But he was drinking issues. Although alcohol was not allowed, the man would still drink and then be penalized. A person made a snide comment about his drinking habits and a problem. His Holy Prophet (peace rest upon him) confronted him and stated:

He is a lover of Allah; He is His messenger. (Al-Bukhari)

The Prophet saw what we didn’t. He noticed how the person was trying. However, he was a struggle. This is what we did with Alisha too. Her sins were less severe. However, she continued to fall back and struggle. I asked her how she was thinking regarding Allah or His Prophet. The answers were stunning. She narrated beautifully the love she has for Allah. I also told her that Allah examines the soul and actions and not the amount of progress you’ve made. He sees the internal struggle and the day-to-day struggles that you experience.

He can see and accepts forgiveness. We, humans, are who are bound to make mistakes. It is important to put in the effort and do it with sincerity. Alisha’s issues haven’t disappeared.

She is afflicted with anxiety. However, she is doing better with depression. What’s more, she’s got a better way of coping. She can convince herself to stop when she is urged to think too much. She can’t change what life throws her way. However, she can alter how she views what’s presented to her. The work is not over; however, in a brief time frame, Masha’ Allah has come a long way. “Allah helps me to feel more at ease”, as she likes to declare.

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