Learn Noorani Qaida Online

Learn Noorani Qaida Online

Noorani Qaida / Qaidah is one of the basic booklet to learn the basic Tajweed for the Holy Quran.  Noorani Qaida plays an important role in Quran learning as it helps beginners to Learn Quran with tajweed. We start the lesson with the Arabic Alphabet. When students learn alphabets, they can learn to make words. Our Online Quran Teachers are very talented and experienced. They can help students learn Qaida very quickly.

This is the classical method of staring how to read the Holy Quran with Tajweed and is in practice in the Mosques in most of the countries Arab and None-Arab. We combine both modern and traditional methods to teach our students. People who learn Noorani Qaida prior to learning Quran find it easier to learn tajweed and can learn to read the Quran, fluently, quicker as compared to others.

Our course covers the following things

  • The Arabic Alphabet & their Proper Pronunciation
  • Zair, Zabar, Paish
  • Connecting the alphabets to make words
  • Long Vowels (Huroof Maddah)
  • Rules to pause and stop
  • Noon Sakinah & Tanween
  • Sign of duplication (Tashdeed)
  • Noon Qutni
  • Learning the consonants, vowels Tanwin, Rules of RA and Lam, Haroof Linah and Noon Sakin
  • Quiescency (Jazm)
  • Abbreviated letters (Muqta’at)


We offer an exciting way to learn lessons. When students learn Qaida Online, they not only learn but also enjoy the lessons.  Our teachers have a well experience and training on this small booklet how to teach and take the kids and learners to the level where they can be smart in reading the book of Allah S.W.T. If you need Qaida book we can give you free online via email and we have other courses of similar Qaida books Like Rehmani Qaida, Iqra Book 1-6 as well. So, we are making this a noble effort to spread the knowledge of the Quran across the world.   Contact us and book your Qaida class. We will help you and your children learn Qaida online. We also offer trial classes of Qaida courses. You can take these classes for 2 days free. After that, you can choose us for regular classes.

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