The only thing that will always prevail is Allah.

The only thing that will always prevail is Allah.

The only thing that will always prevail is Allah.

Are We Praying Today?

How can we hurt our hearts when we are called arrogant individuals? Then what happens if God himself speaks to us as overly proud? Sure, Allah calls those who do not pray regularly or make du’as as arrogant individuals. Have you felt that he does not need to reach out to God? Do you think God no longer requires his assistance and doesn’t bother praying?

Be Mindful of Allah By Answering this Are We Praying Today?

If you are a Muslim, Have you ever considered the reason for the creation of humanity? Have you ever considered the primary reason for your existence here on Earth and what your real purpose is that you have to fulfil? To be a faithful adherent to Allah to become a good Muslim, You must be sure there is a lot of knowledge behind your creation – not just your creation but the creation of everything on Earth. Allah created things for a reason. He created them for a reason. He is the Almighty God who created the universe with a purpose.

For instance, Allah declares:

Did you then think We created you without purpose and that you wouldn’t be returned? (23:115)

Additionally, He Almighty says:

And we did not make the heavens and Earth, and all that is between them for a(mere) play. (21:16)

Additionally, Allah declares the real purpose behind the creation of humanity by saying:

I created the jinn and humans for nothing else but that they may serve Me; (51:56)

While Allah decided precisely the primary purpose of our existence on Earth, daily life can sometimes distract us from Allah. Be aware of the things that remind us and bring our attention back on the correct path. In this article, we’ll discuss some valuable techniques that can keep you from becoming unmindful of Allah. First, you must know who the unmindful are.

The unaware people are split into two categories:

First, some people don’t believe in Allah, His angels, His creation and His books, His messengers on Judgment Day, and the Faith; second ,Some believe in Allah; however, the momentary pleasure of the world keeps them from thinking about Allah and contributing to their next life; they are locked in the prison of Dunya.

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